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Fresh Start

As my wife and I watched the evening news tonight, the anchor wished viewers a good start to the new year. I smiled at my wife and said, “If you’re wishing a happy new year to anyone today, you’re already off to a good start. It means you survived 2020!”

She agreed. We were very fortunate, compared to so many people, with her job intact along with my retirement. We have food in the house, on which the mortgage payments are current. Things could be much, much worse.

I’ve become quite the fan of regular meditation, courtesy of a young Canadian teacher named Jeff Warren. In June 2020, I received an email from American Express inviting card members to sign up for a year long premium membership with an app called “Calm”, which offers many guided meditations, and the next year’s membership at half price. Given the emotional roller coaster that 2020 was, I signed up and tried it. I was mildly interested at first, and when I found a 30 day course on how to meditate given by Jeff Warren, that was my turning point.

What I like about Jeff is how relatable he is. He doesn’t approach meditation from a mystical or faith based perspective, choosing instead to speak comfortably to the scientific aspects of how and why it helps in a humorous and conversational manner. For example, in one session, he starts with “The mind is an amazing thing. It gives us irrigation, penicillin, and those cool dragons in Game Of Thrones.” Jeff encourages his listeners to try different techniques and approaches, combining those elements that work best for each individual, much like how Bruce Lee developed his art of Jeet Kune Do.

All I can say is if you’d like to learn more about meditation, look up Jeff Warren and see what you think. It works for me.

Just before starting this post, I submitted a new story to a publisher! GASP! I haven’t done that in a long time now, but the idea just occurred to me out of the blue. The call was for stories with some element of Christianity in them, and my new story is a very dark tale that begins with an attempted exorcism and progresses to… well, let’s just say it does not end well.

Will it be accepted? I have no idea, of course, and I will not worry about it. In fact, I’m not even going to think about it, courtesy of the meditation practice I do. I have a media cabinet coming that I’ll need to assemble and complete the TV mount project my wife has wanted for some time now, so my attention will be there.

Once the cabinet is built, components placed inside, and all cabling seated in the raceway on the wall, this project will be complete, and then I can focus on the arthroscopic knee surgery I’m having done on Friday to repair a couple of tears in the meniscus on my left knee.

Then, as I’m resting between visits to the torture chamber, err physical therapy office, I’ll probably have this laptop on my lap, just as I do now, and I’ll be writing. And if the resulting tale involves a maniacal physical therapist?

Someone once said, “Write what you know.”

Sleep well…

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