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Trigger Pulled

Woke this morning at dark o’clock, consumed my usual copious amounts of life giving coffee, and decided to revise and release my collection of shorts and drabbles that I had to hold off on at Halloween. At the eleventh hour, I realized that one of the stories in the collection had been submitted to the Horror Tree for their weekly Trembling With Fear column, and it had not yet been released.

The TWF contract affords Horror Tree first publication rights, so I put the kiebash on the pre-order at Amazon, a move that put me in Kindle pre-order detention for one year.

I’ll live.

Anyway, when the dust settled and the coffee mug ran empty, I wound up with these:

Although the contents have changed slightly from the original set, the cover remains the same:

This should become available within 72 hours, they say, although it generally takes less time than that. I’ve seen previous releases hit the shelves on the same day as submission, so we’ll see how this goes.

(Update – as before, it became available already! – Here’s the direct link – Full Moon Digest)

In other news, I’ve sent along a story and a new drabble, written just yesterday, to Steph and Stuart at Horror Tree. The story I sent runs longer than the usual 1000 word format, but it’s very much in the style of the original Twilight Zone. If you enjoyed the marathon on SyFy (as I did), then you’d likely enjoy this story, called “The Timekeeper”.

That’s it for now. Time to enjoy breakfast and a hot shower before seeing where this day might lead.

Sleep well…

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