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I’ve spent the last 24 hours wondering… how in hell did he do that?

Let’s clarify. Yesterday morning, at 8:15 or so, my orthopedic surgeon did this for me:

It seems I’d managed to put a few tears into the meniscus on my left knee some time ago, which were worsening as old age and arthritis decided to move in. When it turned into a “trick knee” that would occasionally let go completely on its own at times, it was time to have it fixed.

What I’m curious about, especially considering the photo above, is why is there no pain? Yes, they did use a nerve blocker before they put me out for the procedure, but 24 hours later, nada.

I’ve been on a regimen of swapping heavy duty Tylenol and ibuprofen tabs every 4 hours, as prescribed to stay ahead of the pain, but I expected something. Hell, he did too, as he also prescribed me some serious stuff, a bottle that has not, and probably will not need to be opened. (You know it’s serious stuff when he also prescribes Narcan as a “just in case” measure)

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining at all. I’m just amazed, especially remembering a tooth extraction I had to have done because of a deep infection some years back, and the relentless agony that produced. (That serious prescription was indeed opened and used, although I wound up flushing about half of them after the pain backed down)

Of course, today is only day 2 of the 4 day stay on your ass order. Tuesday will be my day to report to the torture chamber and see what the crypt keeper has in store for me. (They’re very coy, naming these things Physical Therapy and Therapist, but hey… I know better!)

Hopefully, by then I’ll be off these crutches. Damn, I hate using crutches! I don’t use them much, mainly to go to the head when necessary, but I’m about as graceful as Godzilla after stepping on a gigantic Lego brick on the damn things.

In other news, it appears that I let Twitter hibernate for more than 30 days, so that account got toasted, which I don’t mind at all. That was clearly more a hotbed of hate over the past year, worsening by the day. I did let Facebook awaken from the dead, but I don’t plan to use it too much. I’ll pop in now and then on the computer, but have no plans to put it back on my phone. At its best, it’s a profound time suck. I’ll use that time for other things… reading and writing more come to mind, both of which are in need of invigorating.

Ah well, time to put this down. I need to reach for those damn crutches and lurch my way to the bathroom…

Sleep well…

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