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The latest headlines in the news speak to the urgent need to push the COVID vaccine out much more quickly than has been done up to now, including the addition of those 65 and older and those who have underlying issues.

Folks like me.

I’m fine with that, and I look forward to getting the vaccine. If I have the option when my turn arrives, I will choose the Pfizer vaccine. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues whatsoever with the Moderna vaccine, they are the local option, given their roots next door in Massachusetts, and I think it is outstanding of them to get their version out and assist in the effort to protect us, especially where their vaccine does not require storage in extreme cold, making it a superb choice for the more rural areas.

My reason for choosing Pfizer is simple. Pfizer is also the manufacturer of Viagra, and let’s be honest here. If they can raise the dead, they can certainly cure the living!

On another note, I had my first post-operative physical therapy session yesterday, and it was not bad at all. Me, being me, went into this expecting to find Nurse Diesel waiting for me in front of a rack.

But my therapist is named Stacy, and she explained the benefits of each of the exercises I have to do, none of which include a wooden table with wheels and ropes at the ends. It wasn’t bad at all, actually.

And finally, there is a new story coalescing together up in the Jello beneath my hair. It will be called “Nightwalker”, about a very strange individual entering the lives of the inhabitants of a small town, and the resulting mayhem that occurs. I’m looking forward to getting back on a more regular writing schedule as life after surgery returns to something resembling normal… or as normal as it can be here in the Bizarro world we’ve somehow awoken to find ourselves in.

There is something… odd about that stone on a leather cord he wears around his neck, but only he knows the truth behind it.

Sleep well…

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