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In the new story I’m working on, Nightwalker is the last name of our antagonist… but is that all it is?

As we see when we first meet him, he does tend to stand out from the crowd…

A knock at the door brought W. Bryce Magill, Esq. back to the present. He turned to his desk and called out, “Yes?”

His secretary opened the door and ushered a man into the office, introducing him to Will before she left, closing the door behind her.

Jason Nightwalker was a distinctive man. Tall and thin, the old timers would have described him as wiry. He radiated surprising strength for his build, as Will discovered when he shook his hand. His grip was quite strong, his hand firm and calloused. His face was deeply seamed, as though from years under the sun, his hair pure white, thick and lush. He wore brown boots, well-worn jeans and an open chambray shirt, revealing a unique stone on a leather cord around his neck. The stone was gray, shot through with flecks and streaks of a deep red, a color of stone Will had never seen before. Jason noticed him looking and smiled.

“They call it a bloodstone. It’s rumored to possess special powers, but I like to wear this one for luck.”

His voice was surprisingly rich and deep, reminding Will of the actor James Earl Jones in his heyday.

“I’ve heard of it. Isn’t it said that the color is supposed to come from the crucifixion, when the soldier speared Christ in his side and his blood fell onto the stone at the base of the cross?”

“That is one of the untrue legends of the stone, yes. In fact, the stone was originally called a heliotrope, and was in the possession of man for centuries before that crucifixion ever took place. The unique composition of shades and color gave it its value and led to the legends of how it might be used… in the proper hands, of course.”

“Oh, I had no idea. A fascinating story, Mr. Nightwalker. Please, have a seat”

Will gestured at the seats in front of his desk as he returned to his chair behind it and his visitor sat down.

“How can I help you, Mr. Nightwalker?”

Will may regret asking that question, but we’ll see how it all plays out as the story develops.

In the meantime, I simply had to do a modification of my cover and play along…

When in Rome, as they say.

Do sleep well…

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