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We deal with a lot of frustrations in our lives, some minor irritants and others catastrophic. Fortunately, mine tend to fall into the prior category.

One of my hot buttons is the widespread lack of literacy. As we skim the internet, how often do we see people using “alot” instead of a lot? Sorry folks, but “alot” is not a word. To allot, or allocate is fine, but “alot”, not so much. As an avid photographer, I browse listings for equipment all the time, and grind my teeth every time I see someone offering a “lense” for sale. It’s a LENS, ya turkey!

And yet, so many mangle words all the time! I still remember an old timer on my block, back when gas was first changing over to unleaded, and he bragged about getting a “Cadillac Converter” for his car, instead of a catalytic converter. Norm Crosby made a good living mangling the language, but he did so for the purpose of humor.

Like I said, minor irritants, yet so widespread!

So, my wife was looking (with great disdain) at the display atop the hutch on my desk in our shared office, and was upset that my Reaper statue was positioned so he seemed to be looking at me. I had the solution! My stepson gave me a very special roll of commemorative toilet paper this past Christmas, and I positioned the roll beside the Reaper, and all was well again!

The Horror Collection… well, some of it, as it doesn’t all fit on one shelf!

Sigh… if only I could resolve ALL my irritants so easily! That Hammer box on the right side is a figure of Christopher Lee in full Dracula costume, along with a few small props. I understand that was a limited run, and unopened ones like this are very rare and valuable these days. Sorry, I’m keeping this one.

Speaking of irritants, I’m going to stop submitting stories, at least for a while. I’ve had a streak of rejections lately, and they’re also becoming irritating. I’ll still write as ideas occur, but I’ll keep the work to myself for now. I’ve put together a batch of the newest ones, including two that are scheduled to appear in the Horror Tree over the next couple months, and scheduled a print run of 5 copies at I’ll add one to my own collection, of course, and then we’ll see what happens with the remaining four.

I am SO looking forward to Spring, knocking winter out on its frozen ass. Now that the knee surgery is done, and the legs are mostly functional again (can’t fix osteoarthritis), my wife and I want to put the camera bags in the back of the SUV and hit the shore again. Living on the coast offers no shortage of opportunities for grabbing good landscape images, which is what we both enjoy doing so very much.

Enough pipe dreaming… gotta get ready for tomorrow’s snow.

Sleep well…

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