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Now that my turn is coming closer, I went to the city website to register for notification as to when and where I go for my first COVID vaccine shot. That may occur within the next few weeks.

One thing I didn’t see anywhere was the option to select which vaccine I prefer. I must inquire about that when the time comes.

While I have no issue with Moderna at all, and they are neighbors in the state next door, I’d like to request the Pfizer vaccine when my turn is here.

Let’s face the facts. Pfizer is the company that makes Viagra. If they can raise the dead, they can certainly protect the living!

On a more bookish note, an Australian publisher released a new collection on Amazon this week:

When I saw the call for this one, I simply had to send along a short story of mine titled “Prey”, which was accepted and is included in the book.

As the book title implies, these tales rarely end well.

I’ve taken a batch of the recent stories and bundled them together into a new collection, but cannot release them until June 2021 for contractural reasons, as some have appeared elsewhere and those publishers have exclusivity until then.

Some of these stories are very topical and tie into the pandemic, hence the blurb on the back cover. I plan to make this one available in both paperback and Kindle format when the time comes.

For now, the aroma of breakfast wafting in from the kitchen is becoming irresistible, so we’ll sign off here.

Sleep well…

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