Moody’s Way

I had fun with this one, but I can’t put it up here… at least, not yet. I’ve submitted it to a publisher where I think it might be a good fit, but time will tell.

This one takes place on a rainy day during the summer of 1969. Two brothers, in the room they share, the younger one bugging his older sibling to tell him the story about a haunted path in a nearby park. The older brother finally gives in and the younger one soon regrets making his request.

EC Comics definitely inspired this one, and it would make a good episode of Tales From The Crypt. Here’s a small excerpt…

“OK, alright already. Albert chooses the visitor’s dugout and sits in the box on the third base line. When the players come out, their uniforms don’t have any names or numbers on them, just one team is light gray and the other is dark gray. As the game goes on, Albert looks around and notices that all the people in the stands are sitting silently, watching. No one is talking, no cheering or clapping, nothing.”

Tommy subconsciously wrapped his arms around himself, as though feeling a chill.

“Remember, this is nighttime, but the field is bright and clear even though the lights are all off. There are no hawkers in the stands selling hot dogs or peanuts, no music or announcements over the loudspeakers, nothing!

“Moody’s Way”

I’ll update this post in the future once I learn the fate of the submission. I’m sure it’ll eventually make its way to these pages.

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