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G.A. Miller is a fresh voice in the chorus of horror authors, drawing his ideas from everyday, commonplace events that take unforeseen turns down dark corridors, often with horrific consequences.


You know, the number they generally skip in tall buildings for fear of bad luck.
The actual number of items in a Baker’s Dozen, supposedly originated to insure they wouldn’t suffer punishments for short selling their goods.
And the number of stories I’ve included in this collection for your enjoyment.
“And Then The Phone Rang” would be right at home in Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, while “A Quiet Evening” involves a nameless visitor, quite possibly from a Lovecraftian dimension.
Most of these are newer tales, ones just starting to make the rounds to a myriad of publishers, and some are old friends. I think they sit well together, and I hope you come to the same conclusion as you read them.
Sleep well…


Something Old, Something New

Summertime on Cape Cod, Massachusetts… a
time for families to pack up and head to the
shores for sun and fun.
This year, there have been a high number of
beach closings due to shark sightings.
What if… those sharks were the least of the
problems facing visitors and residents?
“Prey”… just one of the thirteen tales
awaiting you within these covers.
Do sleep well…


Spirit of the Dead

New England has a rich history, complete with its share of nightmares and the things that occur in darkness that cannot be explained by the light of day. It’s also seen the tragedy of dementia, and the devastating impact it has on families and loved ones. What it has never seen is what might happen if one of the Old Ones, the Baba Yaga of her people, falls victim to the ravages of time and the toll it’s come to collect.
That’s about to change.
Welcome to Carson’s Mill…

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Walk In The Dark


Take a walk in the dark with G.A. Miller in this collection of dark tales. From Drabbles of exactly 100 words to a complete novella, you’ll spend time in a part of New England you’ve never traveled before. You’ll meet new people, some more than once, and they’ll tell you things you’ve not heard before.

And would probably prefer not to have heard at all…

(eBook available now! Coming Soon in Paperback, 366 pages)


The Shopkeeper

ISBN-13 – 979-8695179002

For most of us, as we grow older, we also become more nostalgic. We fondly remember how we used to live, those things that were our everyday essentials, and how much we enjoyed living in our not-yet-connected world.I remember dialing a telephone dial in order to call and speak with friends and family, and using my treasured portable typewriter to produce reports and other important school assignments on, a small bottle of White-Out nearby in case I hit the wrong letter.Good times, indeed.Well, for most of us. There are, unfortunately, some exceptions for whom a love of nostalgia brought them across the threshold of the Shopkeeper where the bargains they thought they found carried a far higher price than they’d ever have anticipated.


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