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Quick updates when they happen, why they happen, and what they’re about

1.) Coming to The Horror Tree (

Loads of Drabbles have appeared, more are scheduled, and we might possibly have a look at a Serial Killer contribution in the very near future. Stay tuned for details!

2.) We’ve joined Secondhand Bookery in Maine!

Forrest Mulheron, the owner of Secondhand Bookery in Bangor, Maine has added my eBooks to his store inventory. His store specializes in Stephen King books, memorabilia, and items near and dear to Bangor, and I am honored to be a part of his remarkable offerings. Stop and visit him at Secondhand Bookery soon!

3.) Digital Business Card, 2020
4.) In The Bank

Made a deposit in the vault after completing some finishing touches on a manuscript for a new collection of short stories that will eventually be available on Amazon. I just need to wait, as some of them have been given to my friends at the Horror Tree, so they get first dibs on publication. Once they’ve all made their debut there, I’ll push the files up on KDP and make this one available there.

5.) But Wait, There’s More!

I’ve cooked up a new collection, all stories written during the isolation of 2020 and never released. The one and only catch to this is that one of these will appear in an upcoming anthology, and others have been submitted to publishers in response to their open calls.

Based on that, I cannot release this yet… but once I can, I think this one will be a big release.

“The Cabin On The Lake” is the centerpiece of this collection, and I’ve surrounded it with a variety of new tales that I think readers will enjoy.

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